The mission of the 23rd & Cherry Fellowship hall is to promote positive and healthy lifestyles by providing quality services in a clean and sober environment.

The purpose of the 23rd & Cherry Fellowship is to provide a clean, sober; stimulating environment for those persons recovering from alcohol, drug use or any individual interested in living or obtaining a sober lifestyle.

We believe that recovery from any illness or social difficulty can be approached from a cultural perspective. The Central Area of Greater Seattle is a unique culture within itself, and can be utilized for the betterment of its residents. It is therefore that the 23rd & Cherry Fellowship Hall is structured as follows:

  • An informal environment
  • A fellowship organization
  • An organization for social activities
  • An atmosphere for alcoholism/addiction recovery

It is also hoped that recovery groups within the area will make use of the facilities that the 23rd & Cherry Fellowship Hall has to offer.It is extremely important people recovering from the disease of alcoholism and other addictive behaviors continue to have reinforcement of the positive aspects of recovery.